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With over 15 years of experience in the home fitness world, Home Gym Designer can let you know what product is better and why and what product is best for your needs.


The internet, once a source of information is now one big info-mercial. Reviews are now paid advertisements and afflicate sites look like reputable review sites.  It is almost impossible to find a legitmate review.  Even the best known consumer review magazines have caved, now accepting money for positive reviews.


So who do you trust?  That is where Home Gym Designer comes in.  Home Gym Designer works for you and is not affliated with any brand or distributor.


After evaluating your fitnes level and preferences, Hom Gym Designer will find the right product that will motivate you to want to use your home gym. Whether you are looking for the right piece of cardio or outfitting an elaborate home gym, having an expert advise you will guarantee you get the right pieces for you.